Wooden Ox Walking From Three Kingdom

Nowadays I found a really cool handicraft that is super cool on Pinterest.

wooden ox

It's a walkable wooden ox model made by a young craftsman.

I used to think it is a new handicraft. 

But, I found I was wrong, after researching this wooden ox.

It is created by an ancient Chinese talent named Zhuge Liang.

Zhuge Liang is one of the most famous ancient Chinese in the Asia culture circle that has a lot of admirers in Asian countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea, etc.

He is the prime minister of the Kingdom of Shu Han (221—263), one of the Three Kingdoms.

It is said he invented a wooden ox that could walk without eating or drinking.

Shu Han army uses it to transport army provisions.

And it has a secret switch that only the Shu Han army knows.

When the general of the Wei Kingdom manages to attack Shuhan's rear services and captured the wooden ox they find the wooden ox turn be heavy ox wooden statues. And then Zhugelinag leads an army to take them back and turn them to be walkable.

It is unbelievable that such a story is happened 1800 years ago.

But ancient Chinese people deeply believe it is real and it has been recorded in some ancient official history books. 

Some ancient technology book also recorded the structure of wooden ox. But most of them are lost and ruined in ancient wars or be destroyed by the Qing government for political reasons. 

So finally it turns to be people believe the wooden ox is real but they don't know how to make it.

A lot of Chinese craftsmen are trying to rebuild it and explain the wooden themselves. 

The most common tale is the wooden ox is a wooden wheelbarrow with an ox head.

But it is unacceptable by most people because the wheelbarrow is a simple machine and ancient Chinese already used wheel on a variety of vehicles.

So a lot of people are struggling with rebuilding the wooden ox invented by Zhuge Liang.

In recent years, craftsmen finally made a walkable wooden ox model, the walking ox we had seen in this video. 

The wooden ox is 99% created with wooden parts and handmade, more incredible is, it just walks like a real quadruped when people pull the ripe on its ox noose. 

It's really fantastic that a lot of people want it for collection. 

To meet the demand of people. The craftsman who created the wooden ox decides to share his draft and teach others how to make it. Then they build a workshop to make these amazing crafts.

And now they decide to bring this creative wooden handicraft to the world.

After heard the story of the wooden ox, I joined the market alliance of wooden ox and decide to help them marketing this woodcraft in my blog and social media.

Dear reader, you can feel confident to purchase this wooden ox model now if you really want a handmade wooden craft. It will be a fantastic gift to your kids, friends, or lover. 

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